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Welcome to my website! I am an Assistant Professor in Plant Population Genetics at Carleton University. My research uses molecular biology, landscape ecology, and population genetics/genomics to address issues in wildlife management (and yes, plants are wildlife too!).If you are interested in pursuing research in my lab, please contact me with a brief description of the research project you are interested in and why.

(Photo credit: Jessica Haines)


Canadian Society of Ecology & Evolution


Cullingham CI, Peery RM, Fortier CE, Mahon EL, Cooke JEK, Coltman DW 2020. Linking genotype to phenotype to identify genetic variation relating to host susceptibility in the mountain pine beetle system. Evol Appl.


Cullingham CI,† Janes JK†, Hamelin R, James PMA, Murray B, Sperling F 2019. The contribution of genetics and genomics to understanding the ecology of the mountain pine beetle system. Can J Forest Res

†equal contribution by both authors

Burns I, James PMA, Coltman DW, Cullingham CI 2019. Spatial and genetic structure of the lodgepole × jack pine hybrid zone. Can J Forest Res 49:844-853

Bubac CM, Johnson AC, Fox JA, Cullingham CI 2019. Conservation translocations and post-release monitoring: Identifying trends in failures, biases, and challenges from around the world. Biol Conserv 238, 108239

Russel T, Cullingham CI, Stothard P, Kommadath A, Herbst A, Coltman DW. 2019. Development of a novel mule deer genomic assembly and species-diagnostic SNP panel for assessing introgression in mule deer, white-tailed deer, and their interspecific hybrids. G3-Genes Genom Genet  9:911-919.

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