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Catherine Cullingham, Ph.D.

Welcome to my website! I am an Assistant Professor in Plant Population Genetics at Carleton University. My research uses molecular biology, landscape ecology, and population genetics/genomics to address issues in wildlife management (and yes, plants are wildlife too!).

(Photo credit: Jessica Haines)


Forest Pest Management Forum. Ottawa ON Nov 28-30, 2023


Cullingham CI, Peery RM, Miller JM 2022. A roadmap to robust discriminant analysis of principal components. Molecular Ecology Resources

Peery RM, Cullingham CI, Coltman DW, Cooke JEK 2022. Traceability of provenance-collected lodgepole pine in a reforestation chain of custody case study. Tree Genetics & Genomes

McAllister CH & Cullingham CI et al. 2022. Evidence of coevolution Between Cronartium harknessii lineages and their corresponding hosts, lodgepole pine and jack pine. Phytopathology

Russel T, Cullingham CI, Ball M, Pybus M, Coltman DW 2021. Extent and direction of introgressive hybridization of mule and white-tailed deer in western Canada. Evolutionary Applications

Bubac CM, Cullingham CI, Fox JA, Bowen WD, den Heyer CE, Coltman DW 2021. Genetic association with boldness and maternal performance in a free-ranging population of grey seals (Halichoerus grypus). Heredity


Peery RM, McAllister CH, Cullingham CH, Mahon EL, Arango-Velez A, Cooke JEK 2021. Comparative genomics of the chitinase gene family in lodgepole and jack pines: contrasting responses to biotic threats and landscape level investigation of genetic differentiation. Botany



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