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Catherine Cullingham

Department of Biology





Nesbitt 318B


Nesbitt 311


Marc Avramov

M.Sc student


Marc joined the GP3 lab in 2021 after completing his undergraduate program at uOttawa where he studied genomic applications in public health. In 2019, he joined Dr. David Lapen's lab (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) and Dr. Antoinette Ludwig's lab (Public Health Agency of Canada) as a field technician, where he aided with a mosquito-borne disease (MBD) surveillance program set in the South Nation River Watershed. For his honour's thesis, he undertook a systematic review and meta-analysis on the relationships between mosquito presence/abundance and water quality. 


His current work aims to uncover the role of microhabitat and landscape composition on the amplification productivity of MBD via spatial, statistical and bioinformatic pipelines - a multidisciplinary collaboration with Dr. Cullingham, Dr. Lapen and Dr. Ludwig.

Julia Clarke

M.Sc student


Julia is broadly interested in wildlife conservation and ecology with a focus on population genetics. After completing an honours bachelor’s degree in zoology at the University of Calgary, Julia transitioned into a master’s program at Carleton University in the Cullingham lab. In this position, she is researching how assisted gene flow (specifically genetic rescue) affects the viability of small, isolated animal populations. Julia hopes to work as a wildlife conservation practitioner following her academic career. Outside of academia, Julia enjoys being active outdoors, playing piano, and baking.

Danya Yaremchuk

M.Sc student


Danya is doing her master’s research with Dr. Cullingham on pine tree genomics, specifically looking at differential introgression in the lodgepole X jack pine hybrid zone in western Canada. Her academic interests include the conservation of nature and ecology. Danya enjoys being active outside and wants to work in a field that helps safeguard the future of Canada’s amazing natural landscapes. Outside of academics, she enjoy horseback riding and anything that involves being around animals.

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